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Hello, we’re Tairi

In the world today, every company is a software company. Most business leaders face the challenge of continuous innovation and accelerating their tech development to keep up with market disruptions, risking to fall behind in this competitive market.

Create a major competitive advantage with our groundbreaking innovation toolkit: build strategic roadmaps and execution plans, shape the future of your industry with visionary products and services, and achieve unprecedented levels of customer value and revenue growth.

These are the values we live by


... our undertakings are typically bold, sometimes risky; we give in to the compelling urge of humankind to explore and to discover, the thrust of curiosity that leads us to try to go where no one has gone before.


... with our specialized skills we bring an artistic vision and pay great attention to detail. We have a deep commitment to advancing techniques.


... we own a deep sense of satisfaction, self-worth, and fulfillment that arises from our achievements, our personal values, our cultural identity, and the connection to our clients and our team.

Loyalty & Dedication

... with an unwavering commitment we bring steadfast support, as well as an integral sense of responsibility to our clients and our team.


... we create a state of unity, cooperation, and harmony amongst our team and our clients, where common goals, shared values, and effective communication contribute to a strong bond and collective success.

The speed of technological advancement increases year over year. Our world is filled with AI, SaaS platforms, marketplaces, social network effects, blockchain, mobile apps, Tiktok, Instagram, X, and so much more. Every day, startups with revolutionary new ideas tear up markets. Demands on business leaders to keep up are huge. Enter: Tairi.

In 2022, after 25+ years in technology in corporates, I decided to start Tairi. Tairi originates from my personal drive to help others be successful in their work and their career. My passion sits at the crossroad of people and technology. Leadership and Tech is a tough combination. As a business leader - you’re expected to understand all the opportunities tech present for your business. If you’re in tech, you’re expected to continuously drive product innovation, and to build a highly motivated and performing team of experts that is able to keep up. We’re here to bring the world of business leadership and the world of tech together.

At Tairi, we’re here to help, to build a future vision that unlocks your full Potential from Technology, and translate that vision into a technology strategy, roadmap and implementation plan.

Why Tairi?

In Greek, Tairi (or ταϊρί) actually means “match”, the matching one of a pair. In the mythology of Mangareva (French Polynesia), Tairi (Ta’iri) is the god of thunder. We love both meanings!

Match up with us, and we’ll be the god of thunder together.

Our Story

Mark Wormgoor
From our founder: Mark Wormgoor