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Speed is essential, but hard. We make it easy. At rates you can afford.

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Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

Unknown (not Abraham Lincoln)

We know your struggle. Technology is complex.

Your startup’s success depends on it though.

My budget is limited. What can I afford?

How do I find skilled developers?

What do we do about Security?

Should I use AI in my product?

Which tech stack do I use?

Which Agile process do I use in my development?

Should I automate all my tests already?

How do I work with a remote dev team?

Hinders your Hustle

Overcome these challenges with Tairi by your side

10x your development speed with Tairi

... and spend more time hustling

CTOs, Devs, QA Engineers and Product Designers

CTOs, Devs, QA Engineers and Product Designers

Senior (fractional) experts to join and accelerate your mission - at your fingertips.

People with 10+ years of experience in their field.

Based in the Philippines


€ 20-35 /hour (ex. VAT)

Master the Remote Game

Master the Remote Game

Manage distributed team work effortlessly.

We’re experts on remote work, remote handbooks, culture, async comms, tracking output, and building engagement.

Let us instill a culture of productivity and trust in your virtual teams.

Streamlined Tech Processes

Streamlined Tech Processes

Scrum or DevSecOps? Or CI/CD? Gitlab, Github or Azure?

The best tools and methods. An efficient journey from day one.

Let our experts help.


€ 20-35 /hour (ex. VAT)

You’re Not Alone

Startup Founders ♥ Tairi

Hear from founders who turbocharged their startups

Mustafa Senhaji
Mustafa Senhaji
CEO @ Lodago
I had the chance to work with Tairi, particularly Mark, who proved to be quite adept at pinpointing the right resources. He had a solid understanding of our startup's needs and challenges. The entire process, from sourcing to follow-up. I will definitely be reaching out for his services again soon, with full confidence.

Aug 8, 2023

Bert-Jan Lappenschaar
Bert-Jan Lappenschaar
Founder @ Project Hours
Mark Wormgoor from Tairi did a great job helping me finding a free-lance developer that builds quality, has a sustainable pace and is fun to work with! As the founder of Project Hours Time Tracking it allows me to develop new features requested by clients much faster.

Aug 14, 2023

We ♥ People

We Love People

In a world filled with AI, SaaS platforms, CI/CD, async comms and Slack, people are and always will be our #1 priority: you - our client - and our own team!

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    Our team is in the Philippines. Their English is excellent, and they have at least a bachelor degree. They’re bright, committed, and fun to work with!

  • checkCircle

    We’re committed to helping our team progress in their career and their personal lives, through mentoring, training and paid work.

  • checkCircle

    Ultimately, this positive impact helps us deploy their exceptional motivation and skills to meet your needs.

How We Work

Take the Lead (DIY)

Sit in the driver's seat. We're here to boost your journey with dedicated resources and expertise on-demand.

  • Expert resources at your command: Whether it's a (fractional) CTO, Dev, QA Engineer, or Product Designer, our experts are here to assist.
  • Dedicated & Driven: Each member is ambitious, dedicated, and ready to drive your mission.
  • Tailored Consultation: Benefit from remote work insights and toolchain guidance whenever you need.

Hourly Rates:

€ 20-35 /hour (ex. VAT)

Collaborate & Conquer (DIT)

Blend our strengths. Handle what you're best at, and let us fill in the gaps.

  • Flexible collaboration: Merge your strengths with ours - choose what you handle and let us manage the rest.
  • Holistic Offerings: Whether it's a single expert or a fully integrated team, we've got you covered.
  • Expanded Services: Opt for comprehensive team management or a full-fledged toolchain.


€ 20-35 /hour (ex. VAT)

Full-Throttle Tech (DIFM)

Leave the tech heavy-lifting to us. You chase the vision, we manage the machinery.

  • Hassle-Free Tech: A fully integrated tech team and toolchain, entirely overseen by us, perfectly aligned to your budget.
  • All-in-One Team: From a fractional CTO to Devs, QA Engineers and Product Designers, our integrated team has it all.
  • Focus on Growth: Chase your startup vision while we handle the tech intricacies.

Affordable excellence:

€ 20-35 /hour (ex. VAT)

Meet Our Founder

Dive into the passion and vision that fuels Tairi as Mark Wormgoor shares the inspiration behind our mission.

Follow Mark online:
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